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[GJM] To Aru Majutsu no Index III - 01 [89DF9071].mkv

2018-10-07 05:55 UTC
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To Aru Majutsu no Index III - 01 \- https://www.goodjobmedia.com/ \- http://www.twitter.com/goodjobmedia \- [\#[email protected]](irc://irc.rizon.net/goodjob) \- https://discord.gg/0jeKKhzGn3EBNDI2 If you encounter any playback issues with a GJM release, please make sure you are using the most recent version of CCCP, or mpv. Please note that there may be minor rendering differences between CCCP and mpv. Enjoy the release!

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  • [GJM] To Aru Majutsu no Index III - 01 [89DF9071].mkv (706.8 MiB)
in before the nerds
It should be spelled "inb4" pleb. Thanks, GJM!
good job media? more like... bad job media! losers !
GJM singlehandedly saving anime.
saving like a silver lining
But we want UTW-Mazui!!!
having a wank to this later
Love you guys ! Thank you
hey that's pretty good
oh shit waddup
who wants to bet that this will get stalled like usual
See you in 2 years for the finale.
Accelerator anime in 2019 and Railgun S3 announced. Toaru Project is going full speed now. xD
Much appreciated.
AT-X source ????
A job truly well done.
I just created an account because of this... but really? Milady? wtf...
hurr durr how dare you translate Japanese words
a big thank you!!!! And also how do you change the DP on this new nyaa website?
"sparky" "milady" what
RIP Horriblesubs
Jesus-fuckin'-Christ. Why aren't fansubs dead yet? With legal options and Horriblesubs, at least you know their subs aren't fucking libtard garbage. I used to dread the death of fansubs. But groups like you just make me mourn the fact that some shows still fall through the licensing cracks.
are you mad bc japanese words arent in your english subs
Nope. I'm mad that shit like "sushi" and "manga" exist in the English language. Like some fucking yellow plague threatening to destroy the purity of our English language, infesting our lexicon with their filthy CVC or CVV phonological structure. It's not like language evolves or something. It's not like people invent new words or terms that are mutually intelligible within a community. It's not like people can't learn new meanings or concepts like they do for other English words. Fucking Japs. This is their revenge for the atomic bombs. The atrocity. This is far, far worse. (But seriously, fuck the fact that this is like the third fucking season of a franchise. Who the fuck is going to watch this show who's not already familiar with the terminology? Know your fucking audience.)
I love committing white genocide with my subtitles
>milady What the fuck?
@dracom wtf are you doing
>libtard spot the nazi
Just another racist subgroup pushing their white supremacist agenda. Nothing to see here folks.
I don't want to lock this shitshow but if /a/ keeps up their butthurt autism I might have to before people start trying to dox each other again.
> Know your fucking audience. As with any fansub, their "audience" is themselves. They release how they want to so they can watch it how they want and sharing it with the community is just more of a bonus. You can't please everyone, no matter what you do someone will find fault with it, so the best philosophy is to ignore others and do what makes you happy. Thus GJM did exactly that. Besides who cares about decade-old terminology that likely wasn't accurate to begin with. If you don't like it, you can modify the subtitles as they're soft-subs, or you can go watch one of those lame Spanish->English TL or GoogleTranslate-tier subtitles.
No need to abuse power in order to unilaterally silence discourse over something as petty as a personal opinion(s). Just calling it like it is. The moment fansubs became more afraid of Japanese terms than a POW suffering from PTSD, I knew that shit had to go. Like seriously, official, licensed, localized English dubs keep Japanese terms in. What kind of fucked up topsy-turvy world are we living in now?
a simple "yes" would have sufficed
oh lawd the return of sparky.
Dracom : Is being a troll as a hobby worth it ? You seem to put so much effort on it, looks tempting to feed you.
>I love committing white genocide with my subtitles same
you all need to relax
Thanks for subbing this, but yikes! I had to stop watching when I saw Kuroko's "oneesama" subbed as "milady". She transformed into a classy butler before my eyes. Nuu... Where are my weebsubs? Where are my honorifics? What happened? I cri... Think of the weebs, please. Classic fansubs are still alive in my heart at least. I can still see the TL notes while I close my eyes and smile. Thanks anyways.
no one should have to think of the weebs
I don't miss TL Notes. Majority of the time they were useless, only included for the sake of keeping random Japanese words in the subtitles. If you felt you needed a TL Note to keep a word Japanese in the dialogue subtitles, then clearly the word likely doesn't belong in a "translation" and should be translated. A translation should stand on it's own, without needing another translation in the form of notes to further translate what should already be translated. A meme was born from the silliness of keeping random Japanese words and adding TL notes, like "just according to keikaku" with TL Note: "Keikaku" means "plan". Or "gomen gomen!" TL Note: "gomen means sorry." And the likes of "Don't stare at me ecchi." TL Note: "ecchi means pervert". And another dumb one: "I'll forgive you if you commit hara-kiri". TL Note: hara-kiri is a ritual suicide by disembowlment". <- Absolutely none of these cases needed a TL Note and should have just been properly translated, but nope, the groups responsible felt the need to randomly keep Japanese terms, but at the same time felt their "audience" wouldn't understand without a TL Note. >_> Obviously defeating the purpose of a "translation" to begin with. English subtitles should be English and shouldn't require a dictionary or TL Notes for every sentence. ![silly tl notes](http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/TranslatorsNote_6228.jpg)
some stuff does not have a direct english translation thus TL notes were used
I wanna grab some popcorns but alas it's already 1 A.M. here.
Americanized TL, Milady.
@Koby Yeah you're right. The hara-kiri example should have had no TL note and should have just been left as hara-kiri. Stay mad faggot. Also "If you felt you needed a TL Note to keep a word Japanese in the dialogue subtitles, then clearly the word likely doesn’t belong in a “translation” and should be translated" is incorrect. That choice should be left to translators to decide whether they want a TL note or not, not you who knows zero Japanese. Usually they fuck it up anyway and go with some liberalized garbage though, simply to cater to idiots and casuals. It wasn't always that way though. Here, have a relic from the past. https://img.fireden.net/a/image/1450/82/1450822056316.jpg
Someone needs to learn the definition of "translation". If you're going to leave 90% of the line in Japanese, then what is even the point of "English" subtitles? You're advocating that English subtitles shouldn't be English, lol. It's quite an odd stance to have. It's quite simple. English subtitles, should of course be English subtitles. Only weeaboos seem to not grasp the concept. Not knowing Japanese is kind of the point. When subtitles require knowing another language to understand them, they've failed. No one should need to learn Japanese to comprehend English subtitles. If the people watching the show knew Japanese, they'd just watch it raw. It's in the name: English Subtitles. It's not Japanese-ified Half English subtitles. It's English subtitles therefore as logic dictates, should be English. Calling me a faggot because your stance doesn't have any logic behind it. NAISU. :^) I'm certainly not mad though. GJM came to the rescue and put out some nice subs for a show that otherwise would have only had GoogleTranslate-tier subs. It's only weeaboos who're mad cause English subtitles are too English for them.
>Bill Cosby boy that aged poorly
wait now i can be the 69th comment
"It’s only weeaboos who’re mad cause English subtitles are too English for them." Remember that time Funimation translated "Oneesama" to "Sissy"...? Yeah, fuck you, they go too far in the other direction to the point where it's embarrassing to listen to/read. You want 4Kids and Onigiri-as-Donuts then turn your TV on and leave us be.
Why are you under the mistaken assumption that every single Japanese term has an easily-translatable, non-wordy English equivalent? That's the exact reason words like hara-kiri entered the English (yes, English) lexicon. Do you know Japanese now that you know what this one word means? No. No you don't. Are you going to throw a hissy-fit if you see it in your English subtitles? Apparently so. >When subtitles require knowing another language to understand them, they’ve failed. No one should need to learn Japanese to comprehend English subtitles What do you do when you don't know of an English word in a translation (or any other piece of media for that matter)? You look it up and learn what it means. Oh the humanity, you just learned a new word. Translators who put in a TL note because they've judged that keeping it in Japanese is the lesser evil have just saved you that one extra step of looking it up yourself. I really don't know why you're so against learning an iota of the language spoken in the media you consume to begin with. Hell, foreign words in a translation should be expected regardless of the original language they're being translated from. You think Russian, Swedish, French, Chinese, [insert language here] has exact translations for every word in their vocabulary? Apparently you do. Not sure why you (or fansubbers for that matter) think it has to be so black and white. "Hurr, only Japanese or only English; no exceptions". You know you can have a balance, right? In fact, that's what a good translator should aim to do. There's nothing more grating than hearing "Senpai" and reading "[character name]" and if you disagree, you might have brain problems. Also, I'm not sure where you pulled that "90% of the line" from as I never said entire lines should be in Japanese and agree that Gintama example is a travesty.
> INB4 English subtitles start putting random words in German/Spanish/insertrandomotherlanguagehere.
>What do you do when you don’t know of an English word in a translation (or any other piece of media for that matter)? You look it up and learn what it means. yeah i dunno about you but i'm not watching anime to learn new words
It's a faux pas for "English" translators to use any foreign words in their modus operandi such as "Chocolate" or else Anime aficionados will go all gung ho like a prima donna paparazzi with a macho spiel on the Internet about their favorite genre violating the status quo, demanding mea culpa while the rest of us can be a yin to their yang and rendezvous in a cafe or delicatessen to quietly enjoy the schadenfreude with our amigos.
What you did there.....I see it.
> translating Sufinkusu as Sphynx fansubs are going too far tbh
Oh, my gosh, reddit community is as retarded as ever. Made my day.
alright, time to try this subbing group and see it for myself. i don't judge a book by its cover. also, TL are very helpful especially if some term/words had no direct translation to english or it's a rhetoric meaning or cultural pop in some countries that doesn't mean anything to another country, it helps a lot for the people who are non-speaker or had it as their 3rd language.
Easy fix to all this is provide 2 subtitle options: localized and non-localized. Call it "weeb" or whatever, I don't care (though it's a bit racist), but I fit into the later myself, but how nice would it be of there were at least the option so everyone can enjoy anime the way they want. \ I like honorifics because their fun; and "Onee-san" over "Big Sis", again, just because it's fun. It's in Japanese anyway, so a little flare to what your watching shouldn't hurt anyone. BUT others feel differently. I couldn't care less on that, but what really pisses me off is when I'm prevented from watching it they way I like. Just because some have their preferred way doesn't mean I shouldn't be allowed to enjoy it, too. \ I just want to have fun watching anime. That's all.
Oh boy, why can't you fuckers stay on reddit? We're reaching autism levels that shouldn't be possible. @CheekyKoala just lock this shit already and while you're at it, do it for every other GJM release on this site because this bullshit is gonna repeat itself every fucking week until Index S3 and Irozuku Sekai finish airing.
These comments sustain me
another evidence why this season is far better than the previous one
>"weeb" is racist ayy lmao
I'm going to lock this (and therefore starve Period to death, soz bby) for a couple of reasons, which I will go into so the good people of /a/ don't call me a cartel-affiliated censorship feminazi: 1. Any reasonable argument that could be made has probably already been made, somewhere between the lines of trolling and name-calling. 2. I used to think that leaving comments unmoderated (apart from spam) was a good idea, but the site moderation discovered that not only did some uploaders get turned off by the cesspool that is the comments section, but it occasionally also devolved into more serious things such as doxing. As it turns out, shitty awful comments just make people want to use the site less and/or act like shitty awful people themselves. 3. Trying to shit on boogeymen on either side is fucking stupid, and appeals to the kind of people who play fast and loose with facts and see themselves as persecuted victims in every situation. While I can see the fun in shitposting here (I did it too after all), please try to be less special-needs in future and other torrents of this show, because I don't want to lock their comments too. I believe in you, you can do it! https://youtu.be/7KncZCn5kwY (Also the politically correct term for "weeb" is "Anime-American")

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