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[HorribleSubs] One Punch Man S2 - 06 [1080p].mkv

2019-05-14 17:39 UTC
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best thing about Tuesday :)
Thanks was waiting on this!
Animation is sucked.
There's rumors going around that the animation is sucked.. And the person responsible for this rumor has his grammar sucked
2500 seeds in less than 10 min
ffs... one episode of S1 had more animation than the whole S2 so far.


Wrong this episode is on par with Season 1
OPM is boring this season. In season 1 we are already at that OP moments in ep 1.
@JeanBeery Fuck ya, I wanted to be the first person to say this. Regardless, The animation is sucked
Stop complaining and be glad the anime got a second season. The animation is actually really good in comparison with other shows, of course you won't get animation as good as the first season. The production of that season required pulling lots of strings, which wasn't possible a second time, even if it was still made by MadHouse. About this season, it's not boring, it's different. It spends more time world building than the first season. As saitama knows, it gets boring if you always win with one punch, so this time we're introduced to the other heroes. In turn this will help compare the struggles to the main character later on, because we'll know the level of these characters and their drives and be able to look at Saitama with even more praise.
animation is sucked
animation is scuked
why must we suffer?
The story is good, the S2 anime adaption is bad. The story is good because of ONE/Murata. The S2 animation is bad because of JCSTAFF. While the S2 is nowhere the worst this season, nor the worst anime adaption ever, it FAILS for such a popular and successful series. If OMP S2 was something like FMP4, something we really really think we would never see an anime adaption, something on really really tight budget like FMP4, then all these "animation is sucked" things were mean. But is it?
It is 2019 now, even just in this season, you could easily pick a few series with higher quality and more stable pictures than OMP S2: Shield Hero, Kimetsu… Index S3 from the previous season, also from JCSTAFF by the way. Well, after 5 episodes, I could guess the average cost per episode JCSTAFF spend on OMP S2 is even less than FMP4. At least it feels like that. I am really disappointed. I am going to watch Shield Hero EP18 now. (AGAIN) Murata vs JCSTAFF https://i.imgur.com/F98FZum.jpg
The budget for anime overall remains the same stop talking like a expert when you don't even know that..
@aptop6 I think you are saying S2 has the lowest budget this season, even lower than the few series I mentioned, right? Even if it is so, it would not make this level of picture quality justifiable. Something is wrong. If the degradation of picture quality is just because of money, then 2 more things suck other than the animation and JCSTAFF: shueisha and bamco.
Nah, they simply don't have time/good animators. Money is just one factor, you morons.
Money is what brings time / good animators.
@Kamiyan93 They do not have time. They do not have good animators. They do not have money. (Well money and time and manpower are related) The producer is a new guy and new to animation. Some people are trying to say, because of these reasons, it is FAIR that S2 is half-trashed like this. If OPM S2 is already the best animation or the best season 2 of anything they have ever watched, I am speechless.
I say we take off and nuke the entire J C Staff studio from japan. It's the only way to be sure.
@raja The funny thing is, S1 director Natsume started his animation career at JCSTAFF, 10 years ago? Now he works freelance. The S2 director Sakurai, actually had a lot of works in Naruto. So afterall, maybe we are just unlucky, maybe Sakurai is able to keep a long series at an average quality, but unable to push a one-season release to good quality.
>They do not have money. (Well money and time and manpower are related) It's not that simple. They actually outsource a lot but they can't QC (some animators are located far away).
@Kamiyan93 From the credits, we can guess how much a series outsourced to Korea and China. Maintaining the quality of subcontractors outside Japan is obviously more difficult than local animators, but most parts of the animation production are already digital for a long time, so unless JCSTAFF always use low cost newbie subcontractors and they do not have internet, this should not be the major problem. Maybe the problem is, the S2 director and QC staff really have checked what they have done before the series is on air, and think "Wow! this is awesome!! Now we can beat Madhouse and Natsume!"
Surely the director and producers are completely different from season 1 but I do find this sequel to be very lacking compared to its prequel maybe because the bar was set too high by the greatness of season 1 though thankfully it doesn't seem to be at the level of "complete trash". (obvious considering the minimum amount of budget allocated to meet the expectations nonetheless it could have been better)
https://comicbook.com/anime/2019/04/09/madhouse-anime-studio-poor-working-conditions-staff-hospitalized-report-rumor/ i think there is connection why madhouse gave up this series.
Thanks for the English subtitle and high quality, have a nice day.
Why are you still watching if you think the animation is so bad? Weirdos. There's other shows, you know? This season has been pretty good so far.
@qtpi Videos that are more weird than OMP S2 have millions of views on youtube, like breaking things and wasting food. As mentioned in previous replies, OMP S2 animation is bad, is under par, but still enjoyable since the story is good. People are still watching S2 because it is OMP, not because of it is JCStaff's OMP S2. I think people will continue to watch S2 as long as it is still better than ONE's original sketches.