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Ryuko v01-v02 (2019) (Digital) (XRA-Empire)

2019-11-06 19:31 UTC
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Thanks [XRA9](https://nyaa.iss.one/user/XRA9?f=0&c=0_0&q=) for ripping this series. **Manga Title:** [Ryuko](https://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=153708) **Manga Author:** [Eldo Yoshimizu](https://www.mangaupdates.com/authors.html?id=39897) **Manga Artist:** [Eldo Yoshimizu](https://www.mangaupdates.com/authors.html?id=39897) **Release Status:** Finished (02 Vols) **Manga Description:** Ryuko is a hard-hitting, motorcycle-riding crime boss of the Japanese mafia. After a criminal operation in the Middle-East turns explosive, she must return home to face Chinese gangsters, terrorists, and her own personal demons… ![Ryuko v01 (2019) (Digital) (XRA-Empire)](https://i.imgur.com/NnOpIKP.jpg) **Direct Download:** https://userscloud.com/1doplqkq3b0l https://userscloud.com/u04wgn70rfa4 **Feel free to checkout my Notion database where I track volume release dates and volume rip progress available [here](https://www.notion.so/Manga-297a9ad3a4904173b3a4ce319f9b2879)**

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\> Being retarded enough to still use that shit site. Non-shit DDLs: \> Ryuko v01-02 (2019) (Digital) (XRA-Empire) https://mega.nz/#!yrgWjCzR!TglY3wDke4SS55wmJjK7o5jDrieY4slTMriUoikrFbM https://mega.nz/#!Kw8iTAAR!Ii02anYmgmCyLLBPqtacalJ942ymkLswtR3b4C0F9iY

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**@hozjiwpoo4jt221:** Nothing wrong with UsersCloud (IMO), MEGA is definitely better but I couldn't be bothered to upload to MEGA so I just used the original direct download links.
Notice that I wrote *site* and not *file host*. \> Nothing wrong with UsersCloud (IMO) lol \> I couldn't be bothered to upload to MEGA Neither did I. \> I just used the original direct download links Except you did not. Your "original" links were from a certain parasite's site, that reuploads other people's work to a shit host to profit off idiots like you. The mega links I posted above were the actual originals.

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How exactly do they profit off me visiting their site?
UC gives a small amount of the traffic money from their DLs to the uploaders. the download speed is also disgustingly slow.
UC pays $15 per 1,000 downloads from North America, $3 for European countries and $0.5-1.0 for the rest.
UC is only slow via browser without a free account. Make a free account, copy link into JDownloader and watch UC max out your connection. I'm not at all condoning their payout shit, but purely for downloading UC is fine.

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**@XRA9:** I was wondering why people were talking about the slow speeds but now it makes sense if they don’t have a free account.
Sankyuu for the upload and XRA9 for the share!!! Have the physical editions, but good to have the digital as well!
Hi. Any chance of a re-seed, or new download links. Many thanks if possible.
DDL since it's been a year now! Volume 1 https://mega.nz/file/yrgWjCzR#TglY3wDke4SS55wmJjK7o5jDrieY4slTMriUoikrFbM (Alternate) Volume 1 and Volume 2 https://mega.nz/folder/4IlmWbBb#lwsOFT4wkajC1zm7-aKwjg
@SomaHeir Volume 1 and Volume 2 > Link dead! Looks mega has vol.2 targeted. You need to upload it in 7zip Could you upload it again? Thanks!
New DDL here! Thanks to XRA! https://gofile.io/d/FulyRc