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[HorribleSubs] Tower of God - 01 [1080p].mkv

2020-04-01 14:36 UTC
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Bam is bae and I'm fucking excited for this shit


Can someone briefly tell me what this show is about/what to expect from it?
Haven’t read the source material but hope this is as good as people claim it will be.
@Ert Check anidb.net for any hints at what new series are about.
@VON-Encodes Considering the author has had zero input in the anime and has stated he doesn't have much expectations, I would 100% read the manwha, atleast the first season. The first season is amazing but the series starts devolving into a typical battle shounen as it progresses imo.
subs by kikoo again. I don't care what their name are in the official translation, it's not the one said by the characters, it doesn't fit... kikoo kikoo kikoo kikoo.


@Ert I don't know if this comparison is appropriate but its like 'early' Hunter x Hunter, Bam wants to find Rachel that climb the Tower of God before him, but in every floor will have its test. The tests varied in every floor from battle royale to solving puzzles to finding tickets to board a train. For me early on Bam is annoying, thankfully the series pick up the pace later.
What?? this is the best thing i didn't know about this year. God please don't let it be ruined like Berserk. SIU is a genius. SIU is a genius. SIU is a genius. Edit: Fuck you God.. this sucks just like everything else in 2020.


@Jag Thank you. I have fond memories of HxH, so I will give this a try.
Manwha are straight garbage I've read it too, it's goddamned trash but we live in an age where people polish shit and can't distinguish it from rubies. What do you expect
Manga has 450+ chapters. Are they going to animate it all which will be 200+ episodes or just 12 or 24 episodes worth of chapters or will anime be extremely fast paced?
Seems pretty accurate to source so far, though it really needs a fansubber ("Non-regular?" Really?). It would have been better served with a double-length pilot episode though, since there's a lot of dense world-building in store.
I'm not feeling it...yet? This better get good according to all the hype going on
@andryzoun it's not very good, you should know by now the taste of most consumers is trash. Read the manhwa u wil c
@man00ver CR changed it to Irregular now.
@andryzoun This adaptation is unnecessarily fast paced and rushed. It shudve been dragged on its feet like one piece and every other generic shounen anime. No fucking tension and build up. Fuck crunchyroll and webtoon.. go read it on webtoon atleast ull support the author.
More like Tower of Garbage, amirite?
I dropped it around chapter 150. The story(assuming it has one) gets trashier as it keeps going. Never understood its hype.
What's wrong with the names? >I hear: Yoru. CR: Bam ???
Awesome Finally TOG is being animated was waiting for this sooooo long!!!
@Rowan Well i'm a commoner and so I like it and you're Shakespeare's reincarnation so obviously you won't find anything of your standard so instead of blabbering here write something better or do something productive which'll prove your genius
Stray Kids..
@Kamiyan93 - Disclaimer: I'm English-only. The source is Korean, and the MC is introduced there as "The 25th Bam," with TL notes (in the original fan translation by The Company, anyway) explaining that "Bam" is Korean for "night," or "chestnut" (the latter is the basis of a few pun situations later in the manhwa). So, we're supposed to keep in mind that he's "The 25th Night," whatever that means. My handy online Romaji translator tells me that "yoru" means "night" in Japanese, so I guess the Japanese audio editors decided to translate the name. Can't say I agree with that choice. They should be pronouncing "bomb," really. He gets another name later on; look forward to it if you stick around.
kill rachel please
Is this the garbage that the fuckers at Crunchyfuck is shoving to their subscriber's face? Lol.
Seems kinda rushed for the most part unfortunately. Calling irregulars non-regulars is going to drive people insane! Will continue watching but doesn't look like it can hold a candle to the original work :<
not worth any hype
This is a very good manhwa and I hope it does well. The mentally ill contrarians above in the comments trying their best to downplay this is a good sign.
>Based on a Manhwa Koreans can't do manga right to begin with. Do not want. Guess I'm spoiled for taste but unless it's Japanese it's not manga or anime and anything else is a laughable foreign parody attempt usually.
So many ignorant in some comment. One 150 chapters, drop the manga, and wonder why he/she/it doesn't understand the hype. Another says that the adaptation is fast passed after 1 episode, where adapted basically the 5 first chapter of the manga, yes by removing some events, but necessary for the pace of an anime. And finally the idiot above being biased on the simple fact the source material is not Japanese without having any clue about manwhas. The fuck outta here really. Tower of God is a gem. It buries alive a lot of its Japanese shonen counterparts. You complain about the art? Unless you are Ufotable with unlimited budget, you can't animated a field of weat blowing in the wind nicely. Id rather have nice still backgrounds and the budget allocated on the fight scenes. On top of it the studio is very capable, they have a nice pedigree and did a fair bit of key animation in famous titles. So if you don't wanna watch it, that's fine. But please shut the hell up and stop spitting nonsense and let people enjoy it
*has to read 400 chapters to form an opinion* you're a retard. How about you go outside and start licking doorknobs, miscreant filth.
Um, usually dislikers scream "TRASH" and never look back again. What is happening here? Are you alright? -_concerned voice_ /s
>Koreans can’t do manga right to begin with. *Boichi shed a tear.* Episode 1 isn't the best thing in the world but it's pretty good. Art fits the web toon comic so it's fine with me. I just hope they wouldn't ruin the first arc which is one of my favorites.
korea? korea??? Tower of passing this.
Korean manwha trash. This is what crunchyshit subscribers deserve, trash.
If you don't like it, fuck off. This is nyaa you download things you like, thank the uploader and seed. You don't know anything about the original source and this is the very first episode so get the fuck out and never come back, pieces of shit.
I have watched the first 5 episodes on Crunchyroll and well... as a Crunchy original is still better than that Carol&thursday original from Netflix but it's still pretty bad imho...
Reminds me of Magna Carta 2.