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[Kaleido-SCY] Fate Stay Night Heaven's Feel (BD 1080p Hi10 FLAC) [Dual-Audio]

2021-05-29 13:24 UTC
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**- 1080p -** Audio Track 1 (Default): Japanese 5.1 FLAC Audio Track 2: English 5.1 FLAC* Subtitle Track 1 (Default): English Dialogue [Kaleido-SCY] (.ASS) Subtitle Track 2: English Signs & Songs (.ASS) *The third movie uses lossy English 5.1 AC-3 audio, which will be replaced with a FLAC track via a patch once the USBD is available. ___ **- Staff -** **Translation:** DubstepKazoo (Dialogue), [daraku] (ED1), Ringo (ED2, ED3) **Editing:** LightArrowsEXE **Encoding:** Scyrous **Timing:** gsk_ **Song Styling:** LightArrowsEXE **Typesetting:** Scyrous, freeka (1), petzku (3) **Quality Control:** petzku, basheer_naimi **- Contributors -** Nazaki — ED (1, 2), QC (1) rcombs — QC (1, 2) daregakimeta — QC (3) Angrevol — TS (3) arcologue — ED, QC (1, 2) Aria — TLC/ED (1, 2, 3) joletb — TS (that went unused, sorry!) (3) ___ Done in collaboration with [Kaleido-Subs](https://kaleido.kageru.moe/). Dual-audio release of ufotable's entire Heaven's Feel trilogy featuring our own 1080p encodes and subtitles. This project has been many months in the making. We hope you guys enjoy it as much as we enjoyed working on it, and keep an eye out for some fun little easter eggs we hid here and there. Please note that we use [this styleguide](https://lightarrowsexe.github.io/moon_blog/fate-styleguide/) for editing/translation decisions. This means partial honorifics preservation, general localisation, and ideally consistent terminology use across all of Kaleido's Fate releases. For reference, Kaleido follows this styleguide for Babylonia as well. Special thanks to the staff, everyone who helped with the "public" QC watches, and all the people who helped out with editing suggestions and additional typesetting. Video filtering: rescaling, anti-aliasing, adaptive denoising, debanding and adaptive grain. 1080p elements were filtered separately and some other segments were scenefiltered. Enjoy!

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  • [Kaleido-SCY] Fate Stay Night Heaven's Feel (BD 1080p Hi10 FLAC) [Dual-Audio]
    • [Kaleido-SCY] Fate Stay Night Heaven's Feel I. - Presage Flower (BD 1080p Hi10 FLAC) [4DAE4B34].mkv (12.8 GiB)
    • [Kaleido-SCY] Fate Stay Night Heaven's Feel II. - Lost Butterfly (BD 1080p Hi10 FLAC) [0DE7259C].mkv (11.6 GiB)
    • [Kaleido-SCY] Fate Stay Night Heaven's Feel III. - Spring Song (BD 1080p Hi10 FLAC) [85D11D2F].mkv (9.7 GiB)
>partial honorifics preservation epic
cant have HF without "senpai" herkz
Thanks., never expected this to be Completed by the end of decade
i don't know anything about fate shit but i'm 99% sure no anime needs honorifics. not an expert though since i've only subbed hundreds of them.
it got completed :O thanks!
Epic Release! Thanks
After a long time . Thanks ☺️
Sakura bestO
Now this is poggers.
based moment, thanks!
![alt text](https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/833010122506633237.png?v=1 ":Dorime:")
default track japanese, is this real? or cuz kaleido take part in
unfathomably based
Oh My!!!!!!!!! @LightArrowsEXE @Scyrous pls keep surprising us. We love surprises ^.^
Thanks!! By the way.. how do the subtitles compare with CBD's subtitles?
> fun little easter eggs we hid here and there But why
any chance you could provide patches? the filesizes are the same so i assume it's the same encode as previous.
based and sankyuu
thanks finally can watch this
i never stop believing in you fake/kaleid fan
If only such effort isn’t wasted on such a shitty show
god bless, thank you I am forever grateful
>i don’t know anything about fate shit but i’m 99% sure no anime needs honorifics. not an expert though since i’ve only subbed hundreds of them. I unironically prefer Aniplex over this bullshit right here >58:04 Nee-san, take Senpai and run. AIDS tier sub.
Damn epic meme "Partial honorific preservation". From today all animes with honorifics gonna be called by me "Anime with partial honorific preservation"
Minna ohayou! Honorifics are very important だってばよ!!! I can't watch アニメ without them. Arigato gozajmas Kaleido-sama. I 大好き you! Kamiyan BAKA.
i dislike honorifics myself but I read the mirror moon VN translation years ago and now it tilts me when I see senpai changed to Emiya or whatever it can't be helped
This is what i've been waiting for, thanks to Scy and Kaleido! Cheers!!
>it can’t be helped It can though. Simply replace it with "Shirou". Good thing Stalleido stalls everything, so no more "nee-san" bullshit from them. Shitty subs.
You can be as tsun as you want, kamiyan. I'll still love you <3
Thanks for the release and effort, but are these truly the best encodes for all three films? I was going to replace the encodes I have for the first and second films(encoded by VCB-Studio & Kaya) with these, but I did a quick screen comparison between the releases and now I'm undecided. SCY Vs. VCB-Studio Movie 1 - https://slow.pics/c/5clzKxTW (A lot of the background details look better in VCB's encode) SCY Vs. Kaya Movie 2 - https://slow.pics/c/zMdg1el6 (I can tell that Kaya slightly sharpened the image, but the details and clarity do look better overall) Am I missing something here?
Am I missing something here? You're not. Beatrice is the best for the show lmao
@DoktorWeiss I don't understand your comparison with the first screenshot. VCB was very clearly much stronger debanded, to the point of it *wiping an entire wall*, and the rest just looks like a different grain pattern, not any real quality gain/loss (except for some minor areas in VCB's encode that looks debanded, like in the top-right of the frame). 2nd comparison is a much better one, but it is still very clear that it was oversharpened. Look at the grain patterns. As a bit of a grain connoisseur myself, I think that looks vehemently ugly myself (although I must admit I like certain parts of the frame, like the darker areas of the forest, but the sharpened grain and haloing is too much for me). Ultimately I'd personally say SCY's encode is still the better of those three based on those shots. I have yet to see an actual comprehensive Beatrice comp, but I believe it's a mix of better better AA/worse debanding (Beatrice) versus worse AA/better debanding (SCY), so it's likely more a "pick your poison" kinda deal.
SCY and I have the same deband. The difference is that SCY added high grain in the final processing step. I am added a weak and fine noise, leaving the textures similar to the original material. https://slow.pics/c/oXLNCM6S https://slow.pics/c/UYaijbfV https://slow.pics/c/GzejDyUq

Scyrous (uploader)

@Jensen - that's not quite the full story. While our debanding is similar in strength, grain is a key component in the filtering process. Not adding enough grain simply causes banding to be introduced again during the encoding stage (depending on your parameters), which is [noticeable](https://slow.pics/c/EOQkdoYj) in most of your HEVC encodes, including the HF trilogy. It's always a balancing act. sure, maybe I can get away with slightly less grain in my encodes, but I care more about not *introducing* too much banding.
> pick your poison i choice Moozzi2 :^)
@Scyrous There is such an effect, you are right. But its effect is too small to be noticed (https://ibb.co/3BHXqQ6), because this blockiness changes over time, and in normal film seen, it looks like dynamic noise. But the excess grain is very easy to see, and it is very easy to replace high-frequency parts with it. Yes, this is a kind of balance in coding, we have completely different approaches to this.
@LightArrowsEXE Yeah I noticed the lower amount of detail in the upper right area of the wall too, but everywhere else in that frame honestly looks better to my eyes, especially the line detail on the objects in the background, the back wall and the ground itself. @Galayob I have Beatrice's encode for the third film as well. I literally can't decide which ones I want to keep, so I might have to just keep them all for archiving's sake.
Thank you so much for this . much appreciated
I'm currently watching Presage flowers and noticed some words or sentences that could improve a little more like in 00:31:18 "Saber did save me, yes." into "It's true that Saber saved me", 00:38:58 "Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed now?" into "Woken up already?", 00:50:50 "Kill one to save the ten" (Kotomine is quoting this), 00:50:53 "That was what an irredeemable saint would say", Also there's a missing word/wrong grammar in 00:30:23 idk i'm not native english speaker
Thanks for the suggestions, @zykeeper. “Saber did save me, yes.” — This is a perfectly fine line and means the exact same thing. It's also more in line with how we wrote Shirou's lines in general. “Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed now?” — Your suggestion has much less bite than Rin's lines usually have. Character voice is important to keep in mind, too. “Kill one to save the ten” — Will think about this. EDIT: [We've changed that line.](https://github.com/Kaleido-subs/FSN-Heavens-Feel/commit/4bb6913ba0040328ce8f635ca919226f960a7aaa) “That was what an irredeemable saint would say” — Our TL never commented on that line saying anything like that, and daraku (as well as Aniplex, for once) also appear to disagree with that line. missing word/wrong grammar — This was intentional. The full line would be "I haven't the slightest idea why ...", but it's not super uncommon for people nowadays to drop the "idea", and it fit Rin's character voice better imo. Feel free to drop by with more suggestions for the other movies once you watch them! If you do, I'd recommend putting them [here](https://github.com/Kaleido-subs/FSN-Heavens-Feel/issues), though. We're much less likely to miss them then ![](https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/535558767794978816.png?v=1)
I am somewhat confused why the english at the very beginning of the film "Aniplex, Notes & ufotable present" was subtitled over with the same text in a different font.
@slySoft That was me, and I changed "an ufo" to "a ufo" (I'm not budging on that, ever :wewdako:)
@LightArrowsEXE - Dunno if you can still see this. Just want to ask. I've read the styleguide. Why Mister instead of Big Brother? Does she address Shirou, Big Brother instead of Mister later (I don't remember either if Shirou discovers she's his sister sort of later in this route)? I only checked the scene before the Berserker fight.
@ecchigo "Onii-chan" can be translated both as "big brother" and "mister". It's not really as relevant in the adaptations other than one scene in HF3 though. She largely just calls him "Shirou" throughout most of it. (Also she's always known in every route, but Shirou hasn't). We also use Mister here rather than in Kaleid because she grew up outside of Japan, so keeping Japanese honorifics for her makes much less rather than in Kaleid, where she grew up in Japan.
Didn't want to wait for an official v2 of Spring Song : https://nyaa.iss.one/view/1428480 Attempted to generate a patch, but the vcdiff ended up several GB
@ecchigo LightArrowsEXE was editing this probably and his editing sucks balls. He is too liberal and makes changes that may not be in accordance with the correct translation. While I do understand you need to be a bit liberal sometimes, to convey what the characters are trying to say, and its okay to be not too literal sometimes. But this guy takes it too far. Like how he changed "hero of justice" to "superhero". It made me cringe. The editing decisions made here are just plain stupid. I have no idea why the TLC or QC did not stop him. So many lines are just so different from what they are actually saying. I make it a rule to not watch anything Kaleido does because: 1. They suck. 2. They will never finish a show anyways lol. Worse than GJM.
Fun fact, "hero of justice" -> "Superhero" was not my edit. It's also a far more accurate portrayal of the actual childishness behind the term "seigi no mikata", but you can continue to pretend you know translation/editing better than others do, I suppose. The TLC "didn't stop me" because I was still well within the realms of what they said and/or were trying to convey. You just don't like it because it's not a super literal translation that only slightly changes lines when it *has* to, which is fair enough. Translation isn't about carrying over the exact words 1:1, though. It's about expressing the same intentions, meaning, and general personality portrayed in the original work. If my edits truly *were* that bad, my main TL would quite literally flay me alive, because he cares *a hecking lot* about accuracy. I'd also have to wonder why so many translators would still wanna work with me or speak higher of my edits than I ever would :') EDIT: [Also, "superhero" is a perfectly fine translation of the phrase according to freaking jisho of all things, so not sure what you're going on about there, honestly.](https://jisho.org/search/%E6%AD%A3%E7%BE%A9%E3%81%AE%E5%91%B3%E6%96%B9)
See, he is coping hard lol.
this vikrant guy jeez


While vikrant9760 was being rude about it, I have to agree with disliking the superhero edit. For those familiar with the VN, 'superhero' actually refers to a bad ending in the Heaven's Feel route. And the Shirou here obviously didn't go down that route. In the first place, 'hero of justice' (or 'ally of justice') has been universally accepted by the fandom for a long time now, it's what they use in the wiki, and it's also what they've used in the english dubs. So yes, not only is the translation unsuitable, but also a very unnecessary change.
With all due respect, as much as respect legacy terms, we do not want to be slaves to them. In most cases we were pretty okay with the legacy terms and how they were translated (the many different ways to handle "magic/magecraft/sorcery/etc." are good examples of that). However, in cases such as "seigi no mikata", we believe the original translation was subpar, whether people like it or not. Just because most regular users (who, may I add, do not actually speak Japanese) accept an old term doesn't mean it's the best way to handle it, or that everyone translating it later *must* be beholden to them if there is a better way to translate them. As for the Superhero ending, I believe that was also called "Seigi no Mikata", and there was no real reason to not translate that as you would before and why the original TL did that is kind of a mystery? Correct me if I'm wrong.
Its true that most regular watchers(including me) cannot speak Japanese. But the term "seigi no mikata" was translated as "hero of justice" or "champion of justice" by literally everyone in all of Fate universe across all projects. Just to name some examples: 1. UTW subs for Fate/Zero and UBW. 2. Daraku for the first HF movie. 3. Official PGS subs for Zero/UBW/HF 4. Fan TL for F/SN Visual Novel 5. Netflix subs for Fate/Apocrypha 6. Official English Dub for all the shows/movies above 7. Fan TL for Hollow Ataraxia Visual Novel 8. Fan TL for Hollow Ataraxia manga 9. Fate/Grand Order(the official English version TL) These are just some that came out of the top of my head. I could name more. All these groups/people used "hero/champion of justice". Also note that none of these groups were "beholden" to each other. Netflix didn't have to TL it the same because UTW did lol. The dub didn't have to as well. But they did. Why else would they all do it if it wasnt the correct term.
About two-thirds of those are from groups/places where they often translate everything overly literally. No surprise they'd render "seigi no mikata" as "champion of justice" or something alike in those, considering that is, indeed, a *very literal* translation (even if it doesn't make a lot of sense to say in English vs. for example "He who champions justice" or, y'know, "superhero"). For the others, they may not have been beholden to the old terms, but they decided to stick to them anyway for their own reasons, which is totally fine. That still does not mean *we* need to, however. We strongly believe "superhero" is significantly more apt as a translation, and the only real argument we've heard against it is "that's not what old translators used". We gave a sneak peek to a lot of other fansubbers from different backgrounds before this (of which most were translators and/or big Nasuverse fans), and we didn't hear a peep about the translation choice, which I think speaks volumes. So yeah sorry, but we gotta draw a line somewhere, and it won't be at "this old translation people like that is kinda subpar uses it, so we will follow suit, no questions asked". ¯\\\_(ツ)\_/¯ Legacy terms should not be the rule by default unless there's very, *very* good (translation-related) reasons in my opinion. If you still take issue with it and it actively gets in the way of your enjoyment, demuxing the subs, find and replacing "superhero" with "hero of justice", and muxing them back in is all I can really recommend, sorry. (PS: That "superhero" ending is literally describing his ideals and what he wants to do. If anything, this *strengthens* out translation choice, so I'm not sure why it was brought up...? Also from what I can tell, it seems to be called `鉄心エン`, which is basically "Mind of Steel", so ???)
just gonna say this: "superhero" is not only a perfectly valid translation for 正義の味方, it has a fairly "childish" vibe to it, which fits shirou's motivations and character development *very* well > For those familiar with the VN, ‘superhero’ actually refers to a bad ending in the Heaven’s Feel route. And the Shirou here obviously didn’t go down that route. so, like LightArrowsEXE said above: that bad end is literally about how Shirou would end up if he *doesn't* make the decisions he does here. It's the ideal he strives towards *before* realising his feelings for Sakura. > Also from what I can tell, it seems to be called 鉄心エン, which is basically “Mind of Steel”, (it's just `鉄心`, but otherwise this is true) anyway here's the last screen of text in that ending: ![Emiya Shirou will turn his mind to steel, and become a superhero.](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/808002575474884618/895343439871361024/28-HF09-20a-43.png "Emiya Shirou will turn his mind to steel, and become a superhero.") Unsurprisingly, the japanese line uses `正義の味方`.


@LightArrowsEXE No, you're not wrong. I'm talking about canon consistency though. The term is part of the character now. Doesn't matter if there's a more correct translation. For example, if we applied your way of thinking to Iron Man, he'd be called Gold Titanium Man since that's the technically accurate term, as his suit is made out of gold titanium alloy. So, unless there's a canon justification for it, this edit remains to be an unwelcome and unnecessary change for me.
The canon consistency. That does not come from the actual author or production team, but third party translators without their supervision. Riiiigggghhtttt... If you want to argue that it clashes with your head canon, that's totally fair and I understand that it's an annoying change. But my advice will be the same as it was before: demux the subs, find and replace "superhero", and mux them back in.
@Light Bruh, when you gonna finish subbing all of fate so we can have consistent terminology across the board? Sincerely, your pal who is somewhat patiently awaiting Babylonia batch. :)
Unironically, I want to at some point. I just don't have time to sit down and work on a show as tough as Fate without also losing what little sanity I have left (especially since I don't even like most adaptations... Although at the same time, it'd be the perfect way to possibly get rid of some consistency clauses I dislike myself).
You can take a break between Fates by doing Kimetsu S2. :^)
> For example, if we applied your way of thinking to Iron Man, he’d be called Gold Titanium Man since that’s the technically accurate term, as his suit is made out of gold titanium alloy. LMAO this argument is so backwards. He's called Iron man despite it being less technically accurate, because it sounds a lot better. That's almost the exact same reasoning as using "superhero", which, while strictly speaking a less word-for-word accurate translation (which isn't how translation works, but whatever) of 正義の味方, sounds a lot better in speech (in addition to the earlier argument of it actually just *being a more accurate translation in this context*)


^ You missed my point, but okay. @LightArrowsEXE Canon for us English speakers then. Agree to disagree I guess. And I could, but I don't dislike it to the point that I'd edit the subs. Thanks for the release.
“canon for us English speakers” LOL


^ Should we call Pokemon by their Japanese names now? Instead of Saiyan, I guess we should start calling them Saiyajin then. Neither is wrong, but you'll never see me laughing at people who'd rather use the JP terms. That's something only an idiot would do.
late as all hell to the seigi no mikata posting, but anyone who watches a kid's sunday morning show ie. kamen rider or watched ultraman in the past knows that seigi no mikata is used as a mocking term for someone who is trying to be in the closest sense of a superhero and most subs localize it to hero. it's fairly used outside of type moon and you should avoid sounding like it's a term nasu coined.
Thank you, it was definitely worth the wait! 🤗
SneedSplit which uses Seicher is better for the first movie.
I'm still here waiting for the V2 of all this final HF trilogy batch release..
I agree with orangepumpkin - seigi no mikata is tokusatsu terminology for the "good guys" who fight "bad guys." Hero of justice is a lazy translation and sounds like shit in English.