[Some-Stuffs] Pocket Monsters Movie 01 - Mewtwo Strikes Back! (BD 692p) v3 [D4F444DA] :: Nyaa ISS

[Some-Stuffs] Pocket Monsters Movie 01 - Mewtwo Strikes Back! (BD 692p) v3 [D4F444DA]

2022-12-30 23:46 UTC
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![Mewtwo Strikes Back Again](https://i.imgur.com/xUUPwtI.png) To avoid running into problems playing any of our releases, [please use mpv!](https://iamscum.wordpress.com/guides/videoplayback-guide/) Get the most up-to-date subs for this project [here](https://github.com/Toa-of-Gallifrey/Fansubs/tree/main/Pocket%20Monsters). A companion to [this release.](https://nyaa.iss.one/view/1619428) Paste of its description: >When we last released our LD rip, we said it was likely the best quality we would ever have barring an actual proper official HD re-release... > >We were wrong. > >Through the power of a Domesday LD capture, BD footage for whatever footage wasn't altered, and a lot of filtering, we managed to get the whole theatrical cut looking much better. > >In the process of doing this, we also gave the subs another QC and TLC pass because it has been three years since we released this and there were some gripes to address. While we do still stand by the initial sub as being good, both translation- and editing-wise, it's even better now. [Patch (v2 -> v3)](https://files.catbox.moe/2l8rsy.zip)

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  • [Some-Stuffs] Pocket Monsters Movie 01 - Mewtwo Strikes Back! v3 [D4F444DA].mkv (1.7 GiB)
ty but celebi/lati when

Toa_of_Gallifrey (uploader)

I have interest in doing them eventually (especially Lati@s), but I have too much on my plate for the time being.
understandable. gl with utena and jojo. ty again, especially for the theatrical cut

Toa_of_Gallifrey (uploader)

Thanks, and enjoy!
This is awesome. Thank you.
Thanks, but only one thing could've been better, that is 5.1 surround audio
you can mux that in yourself honestly lol
I'm confused. Which one do I download?