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[SubsPlease] Solo Leveling - 01 (1080p) [547E0168].mkv

2024-01-06 22:19 UTC
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  • [SubsPlease] Solo Leveling - 01 (1080p) [547E0168].mkv (1.3 GiB)
oh it’s that gook solo leveling manhwa
@Killuaalt this show is made in Japanese. Not sure how they'll handle the politics that happens between the countries in this. I guess it'll be more toned down if they get to that stuff.
@qtipi doesn't matter. There's no such thing as a good manhwa to begin with, they are all just slop, but this one specifically I will never know why it became so fucking popular/shilled. It's just pure power fantasy and the MC is overpowered from chapter 1 and remains that way the entire time. Not to mention the author having a hate-boner for the Japanese, he was a huge outspoken anti-Japanese racist yet it's ironic he made his living by copying their entertainment (but worse). I wonder if they will change it, but all the Japanese characters in the source material act like complete cunts, Japan is a villain, and they are all weak and die like complete bitches because the author couldn't help but make it an anti-Japanese wank-fest. I am glad the author died of his cerebral hemorrhage, he deserves it for being a jealous seething faggot. Anyone who hates the Jomon Japanese will go to Hell, they are a part of God's kingdom and will come back to the fold in the end times. Press S to spit.
Your life must be very stressful Rowan with all the hate you spreading on nyaa.iss.one rofl, (and saying glad someone died) says more about you then him, doens't that you make a bad person too, so you will go to hell with him then huh.
@Xenovia90 I'm critical but don't confuse that with negativity, you sound like a woman you dumb cunt. I would never feel happy about a person's death but this non person prick deserved it, as do all who come from Nod. Besides everything I said is right, the man was a hateful piece of shit utterly jealous of his (superior) neighbors. Also, Hell doesn't actually exist, humans who go against God are cast into flame and their souls are unmade. My hates are righteous hates and stresses are ones that have a concern over my people and the earth on a greater whole. If you don't feel a righteous yearning for justice and a hate at this world's ways, than you're a fucking animal. You wouldn't understand, there's no spirit in you, I could give a rat's ass what an evil reprobate like you thinks. Seriously who the fuck do you think you are anyway to talk over me? Get bent and remain irrational like a woman, zoomie cuck, or overcome your weaknesses.
Can't you say anything without insulting? 'god casts humans their souls into flames?' doesn't that make him the devil LOL Your god must be proud of you.
No and you really are a retard. The devil isn't in control of Hell he's a prisoner of it, he doesn't cast anyone into fire. The eternal flame exists outside of God, to be outside of God post death is to burn away and the cost of rejecting life. You're really fucking dumb
You are the retarded on here, believing in that stuff, anyways have a nice day sir.
Ah yes, despite being surrounded in literal mountains of proof we were designed you've chosen the path of the atheist redditor. Because everything is meaningless without god you might as well take the long black train now, right? Loser
Thought name seemed familiar. I got pretty far into the manga or whatever its called. Veiled spoilers ahead: When you know what went full overlord gigachad lol. Web novel/toon cba. Wonder if they'll compress the beginning a bit cause it's somewhat repetitive early on. Never mind holy sht the animation is good. They should run with it for as many seasons as they can.
Rowan continuing make his mark on history all across the lands of Nyaa. He truly is an impressive specimen, and reminds us all that we should be thankful, no matter what life throws at us, because at least we were not born as Rowan. Hope ya sort through your inner demons some day lad. Anyways, I've heard good things about this, hope it's not overhyped shit :)
hmm, it's a pretty poorly thought out world premise, and the writing is not particularly smart. It's full of silly isekai and fantasy tropes that are hardly believable when mixed with the modern-day setting. But I'm curious enough to continue, see it's got some interesting ideas. At the very least the production quality is solid and it ends on a good hook.
This series' story is very VERY generic and mid. And because this got so popular it spawned a fuckton of other shitty tower/gate/whatever type of manhwas that are all trash just trying to imitate SL. We'd be better off without SL. But since it's here, you might as well watch it. The story might be mid but the art in the manhwa was sick, if they can keep up with even half of it's quality in the anime then at least the battles may be fun to watch.
In what world was the MC powerful from chapter 1 lmao
@freshsquid ah yes the insult and then you basically agree with me. Lol. @phantomshadow07 chapter 1 doesn't count but the moment he receives his power he is completely overpowered until the end of the ride. Retarded Eren-cuck
I was more referring to all the psychotic stuff, though with regards to anime taste, even a broken clock is right twice a day :P
@freshsquid and you're the broken clock right? No, I'm saying you are.
Came back for opinions, got edge lords spamming over here. Control your emotions you'll live longer.
@Rowan get the f out of here bitch i can hear you moan out loud just stfu hoe
@jadroxas how about you make me you pathetic little bitch? Lmao
@Rowan Relax, anime will be good again for a short burst because Tetsuro Araki is secretly directing the true ending of AOT right now. But no, it won't be a 100% rumbling ending. You have no idea what's coming, the manga/anime fanbase will go berserk.
@Headlights lol I wish. Honestly AOT crapped the bed as soon as Marley became a thing, that and the rumbling ruined what could've been a good premise for the show. Hence why S1 is the best by far. However the way it should have ended is with Eren successfully genociding everyone outside of Paradis and then him impregnating Mikasa (with Mikasa not looking like a tranny dyke bitch). AOT is weaksauce.
aot is exactly what weebs deserve this show is what weebs deserve preggers mikasa anal birth prolapse anal lactation toe boobs sex