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Masamune-kun no Revenge engagement (2023) [TOOR Scans] [CBZ]

2024-01-09 17:39 UTC
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4ffd0d8add63aaf7bc5e1704ef7ae800855e1a4e Description It's been one year after Makabe Masamune and Adagaki Aki got together, and they're temporarily on a long-distance relationship when Aki moved to Sapporo to attend university. Koiwai Yoshino, who continued living at Aki's house, finally got accepted into Juntama University after failing their entrance exam last year, and she reunited with Makabe, now a second year student here. However, trouble immediately started when they got dragged into a game by the new freshman Kyogoku Iroha, and she claimed Makabe, who inadvertently "won" the game, as her "lover" against his will...... More... This is an online reader rip. It's the only one I can find since mangadex still won't rip right

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Oh, wow, thanks for this, I didn't even know this got a sequel past the 'After School' volume.

freaky (uploader)

I just remembered since I'm going through my backlog of Seasons I haven't watched yet and the second season of the anime popped in my mind. Since it took 6 years for the second season to come out from the 1st Maybe we'll get this done anime-wise by 2029
Yeah, I often find myself not watching the second season of shows i really liked, because between the first season ending and the second starting, I end up reading the manga, and after I've read the manga I don't really feel like watching the anime anymore. Happened most recently with this and Kanojo mo Kanojo.
Did the anime skip alot of stuff? According to MU, the anime seems to have covered the end of the manga not including this "engagement"?

freaky (uploader)

@ecchigo Kind of in a roundabout way. I think there was a few things that didn't get put into the anime but it's been so long since I read the Manga that I could be wrongI think there was a few things. To me it seemed Rush watching it but still decent enough to want to watch more
Ok thanks. Might just get this engagement and watch the anime.