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[SubsPlease] Sousou no Frieren - 19 (1080p) [42DFA808].mkv

2024-01-19 16:01 UTC
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  • [SubsPlease] Sousou no Frieren - 19 (1080p) [42DFA808].mkv (1.4 GiB)
I like little animated girls too much
Generic comment: T-minus 10 nanoseconds until series obliterated by Shounen hell-trash !!! Stop enjoying your animus virgins !
Is this series going to have another conflict or is it just going to be backpacking across the continent until we get an S2?
@crackpipe no, this is where it becomes a slow burning battle shounen. I enjoyed the manga until about this point when it was just too meh. I wanted elf slice of life not a worse HxH
the problem isnt STOP HAVING FUN its that you soulless fucking child enjoyers as a demographic are the grim reaper of anyone ever making another anime about characters or like people just being people or like ANYTHING except cunny, power inserts and references to other cunny/power inserts with the most preformulated, trope-ridden _characters_ you can physically express in the medium like all those things are a part of anime of course but the problem is they have CONSUMED ALL IN THEIR PATH >Solo levelling (100th version of the same fucking show) >Yabai Yatsu (like holy fuck go OUTSIDE speak to WOMAN they are REAL) (1000th version of the same fucking show btw its crazy how cuck-energy has consumed this genre totally) >Jujutsu Kaisen (100th version of the SAME FUCKING SHOW) >classroom of the elite (yeah u would totally be the big epic smart guy wouldnt you) (everyone in this show is a fucking idiot because its intellectual escapism as perceived by MORONS) and fucking mushoku tensei which managed to both be incredibly self-observant as to how fucked up the average weeb is and also so COMPLETELY ignorant of its own ironies that im amazed the authors cock didnt just whiplash off when he was jacking it to his own art and remains one of the most tremendous actualisations of platos cave ever put to paper because you fucks literally cannot see the wood for the trees on that show at all the cum for the cunny lmao
like what you need to understand is that redo of healer is the future you worms are gasping for and I both: hate you for it because I fucking love animation of every kind and its actually so fucking sad having all of these bastardised committee butchered shows turn to ash in my hands because of your lowest common cunnyominator bullshit and revel in the utter fucking justice that is this prospect because if you are determined to imprison us all in the most miserable, vacant fucking storytelling possible then I pray to all the gods of men that the flanderisation never stops and you continue to plummet forevermore into the alkaline pit of your own arrogance fuck
like remember Monster??? fucking 74 episodes and one of the best narratives ever in an anime, along with some of the best characterisation, excellent dialogue and SEVENTY FOUR EPISODES and now all we have is fucking solo levelling, nagatoro and this slowly disintegrating tragedy